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[Youtube video] Aventail belt – Bespoke premium holeless belt

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Welcome back to my channel, friend!

I’m Phu, founder of Aventail.

In today’s video, I’ll introduce you to the Aventail belt, a premium holeless size adjustable belt made of full-grain vegetable tanned leather. This is a remake video, if you have watched the original video, this video is a duplicate, however if you haven’t, stay tuned!

With a traditional holed belt like this, there is always a problem with belt not fit you correctly. Say you have the perfect hole cut out for you when you wear thin trouser. The next time, you wear it with jeans and have a big dinner, the hole is too tight for you.

Or say, you go to the gym and lose some weight, that perfect hole becomes too lose. Or nothings happen whatsoever, but the belt’s leather stretches over time, and your perfect hole is moved.

So, you have to choose between a hole too tight that you can’t breathe, or a hole too loose that your pant starts to sag. Surely there are other options? Yes, there are several types of size adjustable belts, you can watch my video introducing different types of belts, link in the description.

Long story short, for the best size adjustable belt with money is no problem, we have the ratchet belt.

With the ratchet belt, the belt size can be adjusted per 7mm or 1/8th of an inch. Your belt will always fit you. Now, the belt work like this. You push the belt in, it will slide and lock into place. For opening the belt, push the lever, and it will open.

Now in the market there are many similar holeless size adjustable belts like this, but the majority of them are built like fast fashion items. For some reason, their makers don’t enter the fine leather world, and fine leather makers don’t pay much attention to the ratchet. We intend to bring these two worlds together.

Let’s start with the strap, as you can see, most ratchet belts are only made of split leather, or full grain leather only on the outside layer. You can examine the leather by removing the buckle and look at the belt cross section closely. As you can see in the photo on the left side, the leather fibers have similar size from the surface to the bottom.

That means this is split leather with a plastic coating for surface, which is a far cheaper type of leather and not as durable as top grain or full grain leather. In contrast, the right side is Aventail belt. As you can see, the leather fibers are thicker at the bottom and gradually finer to the surface, this is full grained leather. And both sides of the belt are full grained leather, not just the outside layer like other belts. We at Aventail don’t cut corner.

The ratchet is hand stitched, which is far more durable than machine stitching in other belts.

With hand stitching, two threads run independently. If one thread is broken, the other still hold its place. With machine stitching, if only one thread is broken, the whole stitch line falls apart.

The belt is made without edge stitching for clean aesthetic. The process to make this takes 2 days to finish, unlike other belts that are glued together in a minute and stitched together by sewing machine. Here is double layer edge paint to improve water resistant.

The default buckle is made of stainless steel, which is much more durable and chemical resistant then zinc alloy like other cheaper buckles. As you can see here, this is a zinc alloy buckle after one year of use. And this one is stainless steel, also after one year of use.

In short, our belts are made to last, whether years or decades, totally up to you.

So, what does this mean to you?

If you just want a durable, size adjustable belt, why don’t you take a nylon belt like this, why bother with a premium leather belt? Because beautiful things in life make it worth living. Beauty is a universal language shared by many species, valued by many cultures. Without it, life is just a continuous struggle without meaning. And so, premium leather is one of those beauty for you if you fancy one. Whatever cost you pay for a premium leather item, you will not remember it after the first year of use. After that, the item is yours to keep, to satisfy your taste of finer things in life.

Our belt is made inhouse right here, in Vietnam, so that quality is controlled. And we have 10 years guarantee for manufacturing errors.

The belt is available in dozens of colors, link in the description.

Have a nice day and see you in the next video!

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