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Hand stitch an Aventail ratchet holeless belt

Watch this video on YouTube.

Video transcript:

Welcome to my channel, friend!

I’m Phu, founder of Aventail.

In today’s video, I will show you the process that we use to stitch the ratchet into the belt. This is only one step among many. The whole process takes several days to finish, and this is one of the most critical steps.

At first, we need the leather piece to be split into 2 like this, we only stitch the ratchet to the outer layer. Let’s begin.

As you can see, the hand stitch step takes a lot of time to finish. We are currently the only ratchet maker that make the belt this way. Yes, It’s over engineering. But the end result is the load bearing part of the belt is reinforced, and very hard to fail. If you only use a belt for one season, and through it away in the next one, this over engineering doesn’t matter. But if you want your belt to age just as your shoe, then every details count.

The belt is available in dozens of colors, link in the description.

Have a nice day and see you in the next video!

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