Aventail belt – Bespoke premium holeless belt

Welcome, dear dapper fellow! In this big world with many problems, let’s see if I can solve some of those problems for you.

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I/ Problem:

As a perfectionist, you can’t find a belt in the market that fill all these requirements:

  • Made of premium material: full grain vegetable tanned leather, exotic…
  • Has a color that match your shoes, ie red, blue, olive, light tan…
  • Has size adjustable design, so that you can be comfortable when eating a full dinner, or when you gain/reduce weight
  • Available in your place

If you have some of those problems, keep reading!

II/ Solution:

I create the best automatic belt with nothing held back:

  • Outer side material: full grain vegetable tanned calfskin, hand dyed
  • Inner side material: full grain vegetable tanned cowhide
  • Belt width: 34mm, fit most automatic belt buckle in the market
  • The belt is made without edge stitching for clean aesthetic
  • The belt ratchet is hand stitched for maximum durability
  • This belt works just like other automatic belt, ie size adjustable
  • Default belt buckle is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is better than zinc alloy (most common buckles material in the market) because it can take a beating and still look good
Zinc alloy vs Stainless steel after one year of use
  • Currently there are dozens of colors available. If there is a color that is not available, you can request it. If enough people request a color, I will add it to production. You can request a belt color in our forum here.

III/ Order and shipping:

  • Each belt is custom made and cut to the pant size of you, ie 34, 36, 37… US, UK, EU sizes are all the same
  • A belt typically takes 5-10 days for manufacturing. We will confirm by email when you order
  • We offer global shipping and support

Happy shopping!