Aventail watch strap

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Welcome to our store, dear dapper fellow! In this big world with many problems, let’s see if I can solve some of those problems for you.

I/ Problem:

I love watch. I just don’t like having a chunk of metal sitting on my wrist. In cold weather, the metal transfers the cold winter onto your skin.

In hot weather, the metal traps sweat and your wrist will heat up.

That’s why we have NATO watch strap and bund watch strap:

These straps make the wrist not to touch the watch metal surface. You can wear your watch all day without remembering having it on your wrist. But NATO watch straps made of nylon are too boring, and bund watch straps are too bulky. If only there is a strap that fit all these requirements:

  • NATO strap design, your skin doesn’t touch watch’s metal
  • Made of leather for elegant and formal look
  • Slim and lightweight for your refined taste
  • Fit your wrist like a glove

II/ Solution:

I create a watch strap that is the best of both worlds, the first of its kind: the single piece NATO leather watch strap, the Aventail watch strap:

  • NATO strap design, your skin doesn’t touch watch’s metal
  • Outer side material: full grain vegetable tanned leather, hand dyed
  • Inner side material: full grain pigskin leather
  • Hand stitching for maximum durability
  • Stainless steel buckle, the near perfect hardware material
  • Lightweight: < 10 grams
  • Custom made to fit your wrist size
  • Currently there are dozens of colors available. If there is a color that is not available, you can request it. If enough people request a color, I will add it to production

III/ Order and shipping:

  • Each watch strap is custom made and cut to your wrist size, ie 5.75 inches, 6 inches, 7.5 inches…
  • Custom laser engraving is available. Please check here for more information
  • Your watch strap may take 5-15 days to made
  • We offer global shipping and support

Good day to you!