Aventail passport wallet – One true wallet for minimalist traveler

Welcome to our store, dear dapper fellow! In this big world with many problems, let’s see if I can solve some of those problems for you.

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I/ Problem:

Where have your wanderlust taken you to? The breathtaking mountain range of Himalayas? The pristine beaches of Phu Quoc? The alluring food streets in Tokyo? Travelling is one of human most basic desires, shared by many cultures, loved by many communities, don’t you agree?

And with travelling comes the passport. Wherever you go, you need your passport to identify who you are. You have many ways to carry your passport: bags, pouches, slings around your neck, your arm… Most of those ways, you have to carry your passport in addition to the things you have already carried: wallet, phone, keys… which is cumbersome.

And so, passport wallets were created. They are attempts to make carrying the passport convenient and comfortable. And they do a good job at that, you only have to grab your passport wallet and go, you have both wallet and passport. But they fail to do their job at being wallets. Passport wallets are horrible wallets compared to normal ones.

Until now…

II/ Solution:

Aventail passport wallet is designed to be both beautiful and functional:

  • The passport is placed horizontal, so you can grip the wallet easier
  • The wallet is asymmetrical, with the flap carrying cards shorter than the flap carrying the passport. Which makes opening and closing the wallet easy
  • Outer side material: full grain vegetable tanned leather, hand dyed. 22+ colors are available. For exotic leather like crocodiles or pythons, please check the store page for availability.
  • Pockets and linings material: 210d polyester fabric, which is thin, light, and durable
  • The wallet is less then 6mm(1/4 inches) thick, and weight less than 40 grams (1.41 ounces)
  • Vertical pocket layout: when your wallet is loose in a bag, you don’t have to worry about cards falling out of the wallet
  • The wallet has 4 card pockets (3 outside, 1 inside) and 2 cash pockets
  • The logo tag is discreet
  • RFID protection, or not. You can choose if you prefer security or convenience.

III/ Order and shipping:

  • You choose leather type and color
  • RFID protection option is available
  • Your wallet may take 5-15 days to make
  • We offer global shipping and support

Happy shopping!