How long your belt should be

Video transcript:

In today’s video, I’ll show you show you how long your belt should be.

Not all belt can be shortened. It depends on the style of the buckle.

If your belt has a buckle type like this, you can’t shorten your belt unless you know how to work with leather.

Or if you want to go with an unconventional look, like Jon Snow here, this video is not for you.

Otherwise, if your belt buckle can be removed easily, you can cut your belt to length. Here are some examples of those buckles.

So, how long should you belt be?

The best length is your belt tail should just go past the first belt loop.

If your belt tail is way pass the first belt loop, it will flop around like this. Very annoying.

So why not the second belt loop?

Because different belt types have different locations for the second belt loop. It could be here or around here.

Either way, you have your belt tail poking inside your jacket, still annoying.

In contrast, the first belt loop of most pant types is always around here.

You don’t have problem of belt tail flopping around or poking inside your jacket.

At Aventail, we cut the belt to your size, so you have to worry about your belt length.

Aventail belt is available in dozens of colors, link in description. Have a good day and see you in the next video!

Matching belt with pant and shirt

Video transcript:

Welcome to my channel, friends.

I’m Phu, founder of Aventail.

In today’s video, I’ll show you how to match your belt with your pant and shirt.

In this outfit, I pair my khaki pant with light tan belt.

As you can see, the belt is almost invisible. Which is good, because now that you have taken the belt out of the equation.

You can wear any shoe color that you like without worrying about belt matching.

To create this outfit, you should have a belt that is a matching color of the pant. Or if that’s too hard, just wear grey belt, it’ll match with anything.

Now, I’ll switch to this outfit. I pair my blue shirt with my blue belt.

What do you think?

Personally, I think this outfit doesn’t look good. it makes my torso looks longer, but your experience may differ.

Historically, men’s outfit are design to make our legs look longer and torso shorter.

On the other hand, this blue belt compliments the blue shirt very well, makes people pay more attention to its color and texture.

There you have it, you can match your belt with your pant or shirt, not just shoes. This is a unique look that you should try.

Today I use Aventail light tan belt and blue belt. It’s a full grain veg tan leather, holeless, micro adjustable belt.

The belt is available in dozens of colors, link in description. Have a good day and see you in the next video!