About us

The story began when I didn’t feel the men’s wear accessories market has the attention it deserved. Manufactures just focus on mass producing things to drive up profit margin. There was always something wrong with accessories: wrong size, wrong style, wrong material, wrong color… So I decided to make them better, to improve the market, and to help you to get the accessories that fit you best.

It is said that the outfit of a men is a modern suit of armor. When your outfit serves you properly, it boosts your confidence, allows you to conquer every obstacle on your way to success. And our accessories will be the aventail of your suit of armor. Just like aventails of old, our new “aventails” will cover the gaps in your armor, so that you can charge into battle fully protected.

Our products are all made in-house right here in Vietnam, by the best workers we can find, so that quality is assured. By supporting our shop, you have our most sincere thanks. Let’s live our best lives here, now, together!

Aventail LLC

Address: 14/13/55 Than Nhan Trung street, 13rd ward, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Company registration number: 0315713011

Aventail’s founder,