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10 belt types in 1 video

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Video transcript:

Welcome back to my channel, friend!

I’m Phu, founder of Aventail.

In today’s video, I’ll introduce you some of the most common belt types on the market. Now, this video only covers belts that have functionality is to keep your pant up. Tool belts and decorative belts are in a whole another universe and outside of this video’s scope. Enjoy.

  • Holed belt

This is the traditional holed belt. You’ve probably seen this belt many times already, in all kind of shape and design. This belt works by looping the tail over and under, like this. The advantage of this belt is its simple construction. The less parts the belt has, the less likely it fails. The downside is this belt doesn’t fit very well, you usually have hole at least 1 inch apart, which make it impossible to fit you in all occasions.

  • Ratchet belt

This is one of the more popular belt types recently. The belt works by the ratchet look with the buckle like this. And to pull it off, you push the lever like this. The advantage is this belt can fit you quite closely, the ratchet tooth is 7mm apart, so you can adjust it to your size. The downside is this mechanism is a bit complex. You can have a cheap ratchet belt made from cheap material. If you want a ratchet belt with premium material and proper construction, it’ll cost you more than equivalent holed belt.

  • Leather backside friction belt

This belt is not very popular, however this is the default Vietnamese officer belt. This belt works like this: the buckle create friction with the belt back side, which hold the belt together. As you can see the back side of the belt has grooves 3mm apart, so you can adjust a tighter fit even better than ratchet belt. The advantage is this belt is affordable, rather good looking, and comfortable. The downside is the manufacturing process is very rigid. It takes a certain type of leather, and only a certain type of color is available, which makes it suitable for uniform, and not for civilian life.

  • Leather frontside friction belt

This belt type is more popular for women than men. The belt works like this: it creates friction between the front side of the belt with the metal loop to hold the belt together. The advantage is this belt can be adjusted to infinite size, because there is no hole or groove to speak of, which can absolutely fit the person. The downside is this belt doesn’t hold very tight, I guess that’s why it’s more popular for women than men, whom prefer belts with more holding strength.

  • Leather weave belt

This belt can be an interesting option for hot weather. As you can see, this is a holed belt with a ton of holes, made by weaving leather straps together. The upside is this belt has holes pack closely together, which makes it fit better than traditional holed belt. The downside is if this belt gets dirty, it will be hard to clean.

  • Fabric friction belt with fixed buckle

This is another military belt. The belt works by looping the tail over and under like this. The advantage is this belt has no hole or groove, so it fit exactly to the person’s body. The downside is, you know, this is a military belt, it is cheap, durable, works, but not much pretty, yes?

  • Fabric friction belt with snap buckle

This is a military inspired belt. It works like this: you open the buckle, push the tail through, then close the buckle to lock the belt in place. It makes putting the belt on and off a bit faster. This belt has the same advantage and disadvantage like the military belt before: cheap, durable, and ugly.

  • Fabric friction belt with frame buckle

This belt is designed for streetwear. It works by looping the tail over and under like this, then you let the tail to hang down like this. If you want a functional belt that’s also standout a bit, this can be for you. The upside is this belt will fit exactly to all body shapes. The downside is, can you wear it with your outfit?

  • Velcro belt

This is an outdoor, trekking type of belt. It works by attaching the head and tail of the belt with Velcro, like this. The upside is this belt also fit very well, because no holes and groove. The same downside as other military belts, this one is only for used, not for shown.

  • Elastic belt with no buckle

This belt is also one of a more popular belt types recently. This one works by attaches these loops to the first belt loops of your pant, like this. This is one of the most comfortable belt types in the market, it both fit well and stretch to fit your body when moving. The downside is, yes, it’s ugly. However, if you wear your shirt untucked, this is not a problem. Another downside is elastic fabric usually doesn’t last very long.

I hope through this video, you can have an overview of different belt types in the market. Now most of these belts are only for casual outfit, only some of the leather belt can be used for formal occasion.

Aventail belt is one of those belts.

Aventail belt is a full grain vegetable tanned leather belt with ratchet construction. The belt is designed to fit both casual and formal outfit, so that you always look dapper in every occasion.

The belt is available in dozens of colors, link in the description. Have a nice day and see you in the next video!

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